paper piecing on the go

20150614_164547I have spent a bit of time today putting together the kit I need to make the quilt throw for the sofa. And thought others might like to know what sort of things are used.

  •  I have a metal lunch box. In the lid I stick a picture of what I want to make.
  • I put in the bits I will need so needles, thimble, scissor and or thread cutter, paper clips, rotary blade (old one for paper use so I can keep it separate from my best one) small metal ruler, measuring tape, pencil, cottons (one cheap used for holding fabric around the paper and one stronger used  to join) I also have a wax feeder (for want of a better word), and a plastic bag to put the compleat ones in.
  • I cut out the paper shapes about 60 or so
  • I then cut the fabric bigger then the paper no need to be exact, as many as needed.

Your box is now compleat and you can start. I take mine with me to the doctors, dentists anywhere I think I might have to wait. I have a second box with spare cut papers and another for my daughter who is trying to make a cushion cover. I will put pictures on soon.20150614_16394420150614_16395220150614_163938


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